The Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu, is one of the 40 National Laboratories of CSIR in the country. The major activity of the Institute includes Research and Development in Biotechnology, Agrotechnology, medicinal Aromatic Plants, Drug & Pharmaceutical Development, Food Technology, Rural Technology, Mineral & Pulp Technology and Botany. The Biotechnology Division of the Institute is engaged in Research and Extension activities in the disciplines of Microbial & Plant Biotechnology besides guiding students for Ph.D. degree. The division has active research programme for the mass production of various microorganisms by fermentation, Molecular Biology of industrially important Microbes, Enzymology, Use of Biofertilizers and Biocontrol agents for the control of soil-borne fungal diseases in pulse and other crops under the Integrated Disease Management Programme. Attempts are also underway to apply various bio-techniques such as micro-propagation, cryopreservation and in vitro storage methods etc. for augmenting conservation of microbial biodiversity and sustainable exploitation of herbal medicinal resources. Besides, serious efforts are being made to collect, catalogue and preserve the important medicinal plant species of the region. The pressure on herbal medicinal resource is becoming more and more acute because of pathogens becoming resistant to standard drugs.

With the establishment of the Bioinformatics Centre, the Institute has benefited from the applications of Information Technology in its various scientific activities including on-line information sharing, exchanging research data, access to several databases and making correct and up-to-date information available to scientists at their workplaces. The Biotechnology division of this laboratory has a number of international and national bilateral and multilateral projects of immense industrial potential. The communication facilities of the centre will be used to exchange information among the collaborating partners. The centre is planning to strengthen, in particular, its capacity to access and use information on Microbial & Plant Biotechnology, Fermentation, Molecular Biology, Enzymology, use of biofertilizers and biocontrol agents, Herbal drug development etc.


Dr. G. N. Qazi
Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR)
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